Dragonboat + Shortcut integration

Connect product strategy and engineering delivery with Dragonboat’s Shortcut integration.


Use Dragonboat to collect feedback, and to prioritize and plan your roadmap, then seamlessly push prioritized features to Shortcut for your engineering team to develop.

Sync product strategy
to development

Connect your goals and initiatives with day-to-day workflows by syncing seamlessly between Dragonboat and Shortcut.

Align developers
on product vision

With Dragonboat you’ll gain additional context to share with your developers so they feel empowered in the features they’re working on, and how their work impacts your organizational goals.

Keep stakeholders informed

Dragonboat’s Shortcut integration aligns teams and ensures that all stakeholders know what’s being built, the current status, and any delays on progress.

Why Dragonboat + Shortcut

Product managers use Dragonboat to manage customer feedback, define product strategies, align OKRs, and plan outcome focused roadmaps. Teams use Shortcut to plan and manage stories and tasks for these epics. With Dragonboat’s two- way Shortcut integration, you can create full team alignment and bridge the gap between product planning and execution.

Other popular integrations

Create and push requests and feedback from Slack to Dragonboat.
Asana integration to align initiatives with execution and task management.
Bidirectional Jira integration to send planned work to engineering.
Bidirectional ADO integration to connect product initiatives with delivery.

Ready to get rowing? Test the Dragonboat integration for yourself.

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