Dragonboat + Asana integration

If some of your teams are using Asana, you can integrate with Dragonboat for a full end-to-end solution. Use Dragonboat to strategize, prioritize, and build industry-leading products and push to Asana for task delivery.

Stay updated
at every stage

Our two-way integration helps keep you informed of progress at every stage of planning and delivery. Tasks created in Asana can be imported into Dragonboat and changes in Dragonboat are reflected in Asana so that you have full visibility at every stage.


Use Dragonboat to collect feedback, and to prioritize and plan your roadmap, then seamlessly push ideas and tasks to Asana so that individuals can continue to work in their existing setup and tool.

Connect strategy
and execution

See the big picture in Dragonboat to understand how work is allocated across various goals and initiatives. Plan strategic cycles within Dragonboat and push to Asana for execution cycles.

Keep stakeholders informed

Dragonboat’s Asana integration aligns teams and ensures that all stakeholders know what’s being built, the current status, and any delays in progress in real-time within Dragonboat.

Why Dragonboat + Asana

Asana is a popular tool for go-to-market teams, such as marketing and customer success. With Dragonboat’s Asana Integration your entire team can stay aligned on goals, initiatives and ideas within Dragonboat and connect to Asana for execution and task management.
Dragonboat supports multiple integrations, so if your engineering team is using Jira and your marketing team is using Asana, you can leverage Dragonboat to connect the two and keep everyone aligned and working towards the same goals.

Other popular integrations

Create and push requests and feedback from Slack to Dragonboat.
Bidirectional Jira integration to send planned work to engineering.
Integration with shortcut to connect product planning with execution.
Bidirectional ADO integration to connect product initiatives with delivery.

Ready to get rowing? Test the Dragonboat integration for yourself.

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