Key Signs It’s Time to Use a Platform to Run Your Product Operating Model

CPO Series: Outcome-Focused Practice
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With less than 30% of product investments directly tied to revenue, and only 9% of product teams being confident in delivering their entire roadmap on time, it’s time for product teams to reconsider how they operationalize their product operating models.

Join Hitesh Anand, Director of the Strategic Resource Group at Thomas H. Lee Partners, to learn from his first-hand experiences in helping product leaders in portfolio companies operationalize excellence and deliver consistent results.

In this webinar, Hitesh covered:

  • Key patterns of what all great product teams need to do in order to succeed
  • Telltale signs that you may need to rethink how you operationalize your product operating model
  • Stories of how great product organizations do this quickly and easily
  • Key takeaways you can implement tomorrow to get started

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the operational levers with the highest return for CPOs and their teams. Watch on-demand now.

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