We’re on a mission to empower product
Leaders and Accelerate business results

Alignment, collaboration and empowerment are essential in dragon boat racing. They are key
for successful product organizations as well. Dragonboat helps product teams achieve more results faster.

Our founding story While building the product portfolio management function for fast-growing companies like PayPal, Shutterfly, Bigcommerce and Feedzai, Dragonboat founder Becky Flint, tried and implemented dozens of PM and PPM tools but none supported the needs of an outcome-focused product organization. Thus Dragonboat was born – with a mission to help product leaders drive more business results faster.

Meet the team Led over 10 million hours of product investments

Sridhar Nagarajan

Chief Customer Officer

Tijana Dwight

VP Product

Camila Souza

Head of Customer Success


We’re operators, visionaries, realists and optimists. Our diverse team shares a passion of building excellent products and delivering exceptional value to our customers. Join us in building an amazing company together. Check out our open positions or email us if you want to change the world of product building.

Our advisors & angel investors Thought leaders, industry experts, product visionaries

Andrey Khusid

Founder & CEO, Miro

Connie Kwan

Connie Kwan

CPO, Product Maestro

Deb Liu

CEO, Ancestry

Eddie Machaalani

Eddie Machaalani

Founder, BigCommerce

Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri

Founder, ProduxLabs

Nuno Sebastiao

Nuno Sebastiao

Founder & CEO, Feedzai

tom bogan

Rob Hull

Founder, Adaptive Insights

Ryan Polk

Operating Partner, Insight Partners

Tami Reiss

Tami Reiss

Product Leader Coach

Tom Bogan

Tom Bogan

Former CEO, Adaptive Insights

Backed by

act one venture

Meet some of our customers From startup, to unicorn to Fortune 500

“When I met Becky, I knew she was building something special. Her first hand expertise solving product scaling challenges is unparalleled. Her passion is infectious. You can’t find a better founder-market fit. Dragonboat is enabling product organizations similar to what Adaptive Insights did for FP&A. Every company should use Dragonboat to stay competitive.”
Sergio Monsalve
Founding Partner, Roble Ventures, Investor of Adaptive Insights

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