Why outcome-driven teams
choose Dragonboat

“How do you create that integrated view of what you're working on across the organization, and how do you communicate that to the executive team? Dragonboat supports this. Communicate with your product teams and your revenue teams around what you're working on, what you're taking to market and when, and what is the success or failure of those efforts.”
Ryan Polk
CPO, Stack Overflow
“I found Dragonboat incredibly easy to learn and understand. The implementation was very smooth and the the onboarding team there does a fabulous job. Having used other products in the past that were too complex, I was never able to get the buy-in from my teams and get them actually using it. Dragonboat doesn't have this problem and takes a great approach to managing a product portfolio.”
Jordan Schwartz
CPO, Enhesa
Shelley Perry Headshot
"Having continuous visibility into the data is important. As you mature your product operating model, you are going to have so much information. And so you have to spend much more time as a CPO working with your product operations team, really thinking about how that information needs to kind of evolve and summarize."
Shelley Perry
Managing Director, Scalelogix Ventures
"We decided to use the Dragonboat platform since it provided a holistic suite of tools to manage our roadmaps, customer-specific workstreams, OKRs, and product/feature lifecycle. I am not aware of another tool on the market that has this level of breadth and still remains easy to use."
Maria Van Wambeke
Director of Product Operations, F5
Maria Van Wambeke Headshot
"Dragonboat is quick and simple to use and provides great visibility of the product portfolio and the teams' progress. Getting started requires a bit of work, but the support of the onboarding consultants was absolutely priceless. We felt supported every step of the way."
Nadine Ramsberg
Former CPO, 24SevenOffice
"After evaluating many tools, I chose Dragonboat because they are the only vendor who really understood me as a Product Operations leader and built what almost feels like a custom solution just for me."
tealium logo
Jackie Orlando
Director of Product Operations at Tealium



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