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Dragonboat + Jira integration

Create an integrated source of truth for your product portfolio Dragonboat’s product portfolio platform helps outcome focused teams strategize, prioritize, and deliver industry-leading products. Product is the most collaborative function in the organization. Connect strategy and execution cross-functionally to create a single source of truth for driving your product, team and company forward.

Works with your
existing setup

Our Jira integration does not require changes to your engineering process, which means your engineering team can still work within their existing tool, but you’ll gain a powerful way to connect strategy and execution for both context and visibility.

See the
big picture

You can view and manage any Jira project with Dragonboat to create and visualize a roadmap that brings together all initiatives so you have a full view of your organizational priorities and progress.

Align strategy/planning
with execution

Use Dragonboat with Jira for a full end-to-end solution with planning and execution. Allocate effort and resources within Dragonboat and push to or pull from Jira when it comes to execution.


Any feature connected with Jira can be viewed and monitored directly in Dragonboat. Progress will automatically update in Dragonboat so you can be alerted to any delays, roadblocks, or dependencies.

Why Dragonboat + Jira

Connecting Dragonboat with Jira allows product teams to brainstorm, plan, and strategize, while keeping engineering teams focused on building products that customer’s love.

Dragonboat is a centralized place for product teams to capture customer insights, strategize initiatives, plan product roadmaps, and monitor/ adjust progresses. With our two-way Jira integration you can easily push prioritized features to your engineering team, or automatically pull in epics from Jira to your product roadmaps.

Use Draonboat’s Jira integration to remove multiple data entries, ensure strategy and execution information is always in sync, and track roadmap progress automatically. The dynamic rollup and smart predicting in Dragonboat ensure delivery confidence.

Other Popular Integrations

Create and push requests and feedback from Slack to Dragonboat.
Asana integration to align initiatives with execution and task management.
Integration with shortcut to connect product planning with execution.
Bidirectional ADO integration to connect product initiatives with delivery.

Ready to get rowing? Test the Dragonboat integration for yourself.

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