Accelerate M&A Success

Dragonboat’s outcome-focused product portfolio platform enables your combined product teams to continue product momentum, minimize roadmap disruption, improve delivery efficiency, and accelerate business growth.


Procore Director of Product Ops, Mark Kawczenski
"Dragonboat is a tool that gives us the ability to establish a single source of truth, connecting from our goals to our roadmap, then connecting it down to Jira. From strategy down to execution, it is really the connection point. It gives you modern product development practices that connect to outcomes over outputs."
Mark Kawczenski
Director of Product Operations at Procore

The Modular Product Portfolio Platform
For Scaling Product Teams

Integrating customer needs, OKRs, and product strategies throughout Product Management process from ideas to revenue.

Achieve Instant Visibility Across Siloed Portfolios

Accelerate Synergies and Prevent Duplication

Dragonboat Customer Achievements

6.3X faster planning
81% higher resource yield
4X better on-target delivery

Manage Dependencies and Deliver at Speed and Scale

Optimize Outcomes with Scenario Planning

Collaborate Across Multiple Systems in One Source of Truth


Ready to accelerate product outcomes?

Join thousands of product leaders in over 60 Countries to Build Products and Accelerate Businesses

From Startups, Scale ups, to Unicorns and Fortune 500 Companies

Enterprise Grade Security


Don't let post-merger challenges slow you down

Dragonboat is your strategic partner in achieving post-M&A success. Schedule a personalized demo with our experts to see how Dragonboat can help you achieve M&A impacts within days.
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