Accelerate Product Outcomes

dragonboat is an all in one product platform connecting OKRs, customer needs, product strategies and resources with Agile execution.

Responsive Product Portfolio Platform

Connecting customer requests, OKRs, and product strategies before and after scrum

Stakeholder updates Exec Summary

Slice and Dice Roadmaps in Anyway

From exec updates, to sales team update, or quarterly progress updates –  Create once, auto update always! 

Automatic Tracking and Rollup

Automatically pull and rollup progress directly from the source. Predict schedule with alerts and optional auto status update. 

automagic tracking and progress visibility
Connect requests with products

Centralize Requests

Engage stakeholders and gain insights to inform and inspire product features

Prioritize Multi-Dimensionally

Prioritize roadmaps based on any business drivers
Prioritize with data - RICE, ROI, MOAR
portfolio allocation for quarterly plan

Plan Quarterly Roadmaps

Turn “wish lists” into “actionable plans” with confidence

Ready to super power your product teams?

Join thousands of product leaders

From startup to Global 1000 in over 20 countries

Stakeholder updates Exec Summary

On-Demand Stakeholder Updates

Customize and share “evergreen slide decks” for any and all stakeholders