The Journey to CPO: What Makes a Good Product Leader Great?

CPO Series: Outcome Focused Practice
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Calling all aspiring product leaders and professionals! Are you ready to take your career in product management to the next level and become a Chief Product Officer (CPO)? 

Hear from Malaika Paquiot, Product Executive Consultant and Former CPO at Avalanche Insights in a CPO Series webinar in partnership with Women In Product. Get practical tips on how to accelerate your path to the C-Suite and how you can stand out as a great product leader.

During this session, Malaika empowers you with actionable advice to:

  • Master essential skills, qualities, and experiences
  • Differentiate between good and great product leaders
  • Advance your career in uncertain times
  • Discover career hacks, communities, tools, and resources

Whether you’re a seasoned product manager or new to the field, this talk provides valuable insights and strategies to fast-track your career. Learn how to leverage your experiences, identify opportunities, improve your skills, and chart your own roadmap to become a CPO.

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