The Power of Alignment: Connecting Strategy, Execution, and Outcomes

CPO Series: Outcome Focused Practice
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Resist the temptation to “do more with less” and focus on doing fewer things, really well. With the right alignment and focus, teams can connect strategy and execution for desired outcomes. To do that, it’s crucial to understand how to make responsive portfolio adjustments based on your business, industry, and the ever changing market, in order to achieve both long-term vision goals and near-term results.

Award-winning Chief Product Officer and product strategy advisor, Lisa Schneider joined the CPO Series to share the secrets behind unlocking the roadblocks with strategic vision and product execution.

Watch Lisa’s webinar to learn about leading an outcome-focused practice:

  • Gaining cross-functional alignment across the strategy pyramid
  • How to navigate and drive alignment with conflicting outcome desires
  • Identifying the right success metrics to prioritize and plan around
  • Responsive product resource planning and outcome-based re-allocation tips (especially during periods of uncertainty or constrained resources)

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