Don’t Risk Your Smart Digital Transformation in 2021

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Firms have been attempting to transform for over a decade but often with little success.

Join us as we chat with Amber Haley, veteran Agile Coach and Product Leader, on how organizations can best achieve meaningful change as well as continued success via smart digital transformation.

Smart transformation is like tending flowers. The problem of unhealthy flowers are often not the issue of the flowers, but the environment they are in.-Amber

Key Takeaways:
  1. Start with a pilot and measure quick wins.
  2. Gain leadership support and bring them along.
  3. Have a dedicated change driver, e.g. a transformation program manager.
  4. If you experience road blocks, examine your environment (flower analogy).
  5. Make the link between your team’s work as well as your company’s OKRs.
  6. A tool is essential for success – to build transparency and alignment.

About the Speakers:
Becky Flint built and scaled product portfolio management at PayPal, Bigcommerce, Shutterfly, and Feedzai. She is the founder of Dragonboat, an integrated product portfolio platform that helps product teams strategize, prioritize, deliver and improve industry-leading products.

Amber Haley has been in the trenches of IT since 2003. Previously, her roles have extended from system design to network engineering, to business analysis as an early adopter and coach of lean UX. In the past ten years, she’s been focused on building and scaling agile teams and organizations.

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