Agile Transformation Management Platform

Transition from project to product, align goals, empower teams, collaborate with stakeholders, prioritize roadmaps, and enable overall transparency - all via Dragonboat's Responsive PPM platform.
Dragonboat is seamlessly integrated with team tools like Jira, Github and Clubhouse to connect transformation strategies with Agile execution.
Loc Nguyen

IT Transformation at Asia
Commercial Bank (ACB)

"As we are transforming from a bank to Fintech, we rely on Dragonboat as our critical hub for our IT portfolio.

Dragonboat aligns us to make sure we are delivering to our strategic goals."
Loc Nguyen

Strategic Platform for Agile Transformation

Transition from Project to Product, enable alignment, autonomy, transparency and agility

Align Transformation Goals

Connect customers, OKRs, products and tech teams
Connect requests with products

Engage All Stakeholders

Prioritize With confidence

Prioritize with data - RICE, ROI, MOAR
quarterly or PI planning

Set Quarterly Milestones

Turn “wish lists” into “portfolio increments”

Automate Tracking and Reporting

Define smart alerts and predicted schedules
automagic tracking and progress visibility
Stakeholder updates Exec Summary

Source Of Truth For Transformation

Create alignment, context and transparency

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