A better way to lead large-scale change

CPO Series: Outcome focused practice
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Organizational redesigns can often lead to disgruntled, frustrated employees that conclude it’s just “cost-cutting” and “office politics”. As re-orgs become the new normal, especially during the economic climate today, executives must find a better way to lead large-scale change with leadership and team alignment to pave a successful path forward.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from product and technology executive, Han Yuan a veteran leader in implementing transformation and large-scale change at Recharge, Upwork, Netflix, and eBay.

Watch Han’s webinar to learn about reorgs:

  • The before: reasons why companies re-org (skill gaps, process change, layoffs)
  • The rollout: how to articulate, communicate, and redesign for outcomes
  • The aftermath: how to reallocate and prioritize with reduced resources to keep teams motivated and engaged

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