Lead Mission Critical IT Portfolios With Confidence Through Dragonboat

CPO Series: Outcome Focused Practice
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Power your team with Dragonboat

Streamline your digital transformation journey and lead your IT portfolio to success, turning your vision into reality. In this webinar, discover how to execute, track, and communicate your IT portfolio effectively across your entire organization with a structured planning process. Explore how Dragonboat can be your portfolio mission control, seamlessly integrating strategic plans and agile execution in one platform. 

Hear firsthand from Dominiek Leenknecht, Chief Information Officer at ECS about:

  • Implementing a standardized framework for IT teams
  • Structuring your planning and prioritization processes to foster collaboration amongst teams
  • Planning with multiple time horizons and translating long term plans into short term goals
  • Enabling visibility and automating progress tracking for projects and dependencies
  • Evaluating and selecting the ideal tool that aligns with your IT portfolio

Dominiek is responsible for the entire IT portfolio organization at ECS with 20+ years of experience in the industry, and shares his strategy, recommendations, and learnings to ensure a practical approach to IT portfolio transformation.

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