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Leading Product in a Fast-moving Scaleup

Join this webinar to hear a discussion between Sridhar Nagarajan, VP Product of Chatmeter, and Becky Flint, CEO, and Founder of Dragonboat answering questions such as:

  • How do you build your team to enable effective growth?
  • How do you trade off needs from existing customers and sales prospects?
  • How to best manage with limited resources?
  • How can you drive short-term value while maintaining focus on long-term strategy?
  • How can you create visibility, alignment, and collaboration for your multiple teams and stakeholders?

The webinar will be a discussion format between two product execs with a combined 30 years of experience building and scaling product teams across companies of all sizes in all industries. The speakers will cover the strategic vision, tactical execution, and everything in between required for building an effective product team. Audience questions will be taken throughout. 

Q&A from leading product in a fast moving scaleup

If you can’t join for the live event, register anyway and we’ll send the recording.

About the Speaker

Becky Flint

Becky Flint scaled product operations and built a responsive product portfolio framework for PayPal, BigCommerce, Shutterfly, and Feedzai prior to starting Dragonboat to solve the challenges she experienced firsthand at scale.

She is currently the CEO & founder of Dragonboat, an integrated product portfolio platform that helps product teams strategize, prioritize, deliver and improve industry leading products.

Q&A Fast-moving Scaleup

Sridhar Nagarajan is a business and Product leader with global experience in the e-commerce, payments, and software industries, and a track record of delivering delightful products across multiple markets. 

Sridhar is currently VP Product at Chatmeter, heading up product, design, and analytics, and scaling the team for growth.

Join hundreds of product leaders across the globe building
better products faster with Dragonboat.

Dragonboat brings our product and engineering teams together to align our focus for the coming months. It has become an important ritual for us.

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Connie Kwan
Connie Kwan
Head of Product, OMG Network
Dragonboat is the only platform I've seen that really understands what's needed to run an effective product organization. We can now iteratively connect initiatives to OKRs for outcome-focused roadmapping. It's a must-have for every modern product leader.
Saurabh Bajaj
VP Product, F5 Networks
Our product and engineering teams in 9 countries rely on Dragonboat for quarterly planning and execution. Our new product launch sped up from 4 months to 6 weeks.
Rajesh Venkatesh
Rajesh Venkatesh
Head of Product, Nium

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