2022 Strategic Planning for Outcome Focused Teams

for outcome focused teams

As product teams move from feature roadmapping to outcome-driven portfolio management, strategic product planning has become an integral part of every company.

Join this webinar with Perry Steinberg, Chief Product Officer of AbacusNext, and Becky Flint, CEO and Founder of Dragonboat, to discuss how to best run 2022 strategic planning to align OKRs, strategies, and initiatives while avoiding the common pitfalls in the process. 

This webinar will cover how to: 

  • Convert business goals to product strategy and focus
  • Disseminate and operationalize annual goals 
  • Adjust responsively to changes and new inputs
  • Run annual & continuous like AbacusNext

The webinar will be a discussion format between two execs with a combined 30 years of experience building and scaling product teams across companies of all sizes in all industries. The speakers will cover the strategic vision, tactical execution, and everything in between required for effective annual planning. Audience questions will be taken throughout.


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