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Responsive PPM for Effective Product Decisions

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Responsive Portfolio Management Empowers the Best Product Decisions

Connect customers, OKRs, products and tech teams

Connect Customers, OKRs & Strategies

  • Define OKRs and set target allocations.
  • Align executives and teams on key strategic drivers.
  • Enable collaboration across functions while maintaining team autonomy. 

Allocate to Maximize Outcomes

  • Prioritize features based on target outcomes.
  • Assess product decisions by strategic drivers using realtime allocation.
Quarterly PI Planning

Turn Wishlists into Execution Roadmaps

  • Forecast resourcing needs.
  • Identify and plan dependencies.
  • Create actionable roadmaps.
  • Apply what-if analysis when changes occur. 

Automate Tracking & Communication

  • Automatically track, alert, and communicate progress via 2-way integration with Jira, GitHub and Clubhouse.
  • Create custom dashboards for all stakeholders to view real-time updates, within dragonboat, embedded in Confluence, Teams, or any other communication channels. 
Exec summary dashboard

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Create A Responsive Roadmap in 15 minutes

Import and replace your spreadsheets. Copy and paste from Slides. Or pull epics directly from Jira, Github, Clubhouse.

Best of all – there is no change to your engineering process.  

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