Dragonboat Raises Seed Funding

dragonboat raises seed funding

We are thrilled to announce that Dragonboat has raised a seed round of funding from Act One Venture.

This is an important milestone for both Dragonboat and the community of product and technology leaders we support, as we are now better positioned to support our fast-growing global customers who are, more than ever, in need of a better way to connect all moving pieces of building products in one collaborative platform for their distributed teams.

While it’s well-known that collaborative teams are essential in today’s dynamic work environment, what’s overlooked is the need for effective collaborations of managers, or as we call them, the functional leaders. They are product managers, program managers, and engineering managers. 

Today’s world demands responsive organizations. Responsive organizations rely on collaborative leaders to align, empower and enable agile teams. 

CEO, Dragonboat

At Dragonboat we have observed that functional leaders at winning organizations are connectors of silos. They collaborate upwards with the executive teams to align objectives and strategies, horizontally with each to support and clear dependencies, and downwards with their teams to ensure strategic clarity, secure essential resources and remove impediments. 

Dragonboat is Purpose-Built to Enable Effective Portfolio Collaboration All in One Central Platform

Additionally, Dragonboat can be seamlessly connected with team tools such as Jira or Github. This allows initiatives to be aligned with periodically-adjusted objectives (OKRs), which are responsive to the evolving needs of the markets. The resources are responsively allocated towards these initiatives in a holistic way. Furthermore, the outcome of the Agile execution is responsively reflected for bigger-picture adjustments. The seamless integration with popular team tools keeps agile teams’ workflows intact for a plug-and-play easy adoption. 

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic created a need to work remotely, Dragonboat had already been adopted by hundreds of product teams around the world who wanted a solution for keeping their product and engineering teams in many locations all rowing in the same direction. 

“As our organization grows in complexity, maintaining alignment across the entire organization is mission-critical. I need to know if my initiatives are on track for delivering on our strategic plan. Dragonboat tightly aligns us and is my crucial hub of control that oversees critical aspects of programs across my division.”

Loc Nguyen, the CIO of Asia Commercial Bank

At Dragonboat our mission is to enable product and tech leaders to accelerate product building, and more importantly value creation. We are super excited to have Act One as our investor and partner. In addition to their sole focus on the B2B space, the Act One team brings a wealth of company-building experience to the table that will help us to grow smarter and faster. Being part of the Act One family of women and minorities founders also allows us to further our path to enabling companies of all types and sizes. 

“Dragonboat automates many mundane work and facilitates the best practice for responsive portfolio management connecting Agile and OKRs.  Not only (it) saves hours every week for every PM, it has created unprecedented visibly and alignment across all our teams and offices” –

Mauro Martins, Director of TPM

Dragonboat is a remote native company with an entirely remote team across Europe and North America. If you are passionate about empowering innovative companies to build better products faster, reach out to us. We are hiring customer success, marketing and engineering superstars in North America and Europe. 

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Becky Flint

Becky is a product and tech executive based in the Silicon Valley. She has built and scaled product and engineering teams globally for both startups and Fortune 500 companies. Currently Becky is the founder and CEO of Dragonboat with a mission to empower responsive leaders and their teams to build better products faster. Prior to founding dragonboat, Becky has held executive roles at Feedzai, Bigcommerce, Tinyprints/ Shutterfly, and PayPal.
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