Best Jira Align Alternative for Product Portfolio Management

Responsive vs Traditional PPM

Agile Craft is an enterprise PPM solution for Scaled Agile Framework (aka SAFe). It was acquired by Atlassian in 2019 and rebranded to Jira Align.

To enjoy the comprehensive portfolio management capabilities offered by Jira Align, companies need to have high level of maturity SAFe process and standardized agile practices across the enterprise.

Implementing Jira Align is often part of a bigger scale process transformation that typically takes months of effort, often costs over $1M. These factors naturally reserve Jira Align to only mature, large enterprises.

If your organization

  1. Doesn’t practice SAFe 
  2. Has varied agile practices across teams, e.g. standard scrum, kanban, scrumban, uneven sprints
  3. Has varies estimation practices across teams: different point systems, use time estimation, or does no estimation. 
  4. Is growing or changing team sizes and processes.
  5. Wants fast implementation and iterative rollout
  6. Uses Jira only at part of the company, not company-wide
  7. Has a small PPM budget (like way less than $1M)

You need a Jira Align alternative.

A Responsive PPM tool like Dragonboat

Dragonboat is a light weigh end to end responsive PPM platform connecting OKRs, Product and Agile.

Dragonboat democratizes product portfolio management for companies of all sizes.

It is built with secret best practices by leading companies like PayPal, Netflix. It’s lightweight, economical, takes hours to implement, and minutes to change, while requiring no process or tooling change.

The PPM tool stack of Dragonboat + Jira is similar to the Jira Align + Jira combination, where Dragonboat is for portfolio planning and alignment, with Jira for Agile execution. This forms a complete PPM solution from strategic alignment, allocation, to product, to program and integrated with team execution.

Dragonboat works with any product development processes

SAFe, Scrum @scale, OKR + Agile, V2MOM + Agile, Lean product management, fuzzy planning (e.g. this month, this quarter, next quarter), or quarterly planning. Your product and program managers can easily pick up and use Dragonboat without changing their processes.  

Dragonboat supports robust, customizable 2-way integration with Jira, Github, Asana. 

Within Jira integration, Dragonboat works well with Jira classic, Jira next gen, Jira server, Jira Advanced roadmap. Dragonboat also works with traditional/ waterfall process.  It only takes a few minutes to integrate.

Dragonboat does not require changes to existing process.

Your teams may continue to work the way they have been, regardless it is standard scrum and sprints, or scrumban, kanban, irregular sprints, with or without estimates, etc.

See a customer feedback on Atlassian Marketplace.

Dragonboat enables agile rollout (aka MVPC – minimum viable process change).

You may start Dragonboat for 1 team, expand to a few teams, before rolling out to the entire organization. Or if you’d like, you may even implement multiple instances of Dragonboat, all integrated with the same Jira for more process autonomy and faster adjustment by each team.

Dragonboat is an economic option compared with traditional PPM tool.

Because Dragonboat decentralizes team execution in Jira, the total number of licensed editors required is much smaller than what Jira Align requires.

Dragonboat provides visibility to the whole company without or without Jira access.

Embedded reports and Request portal on Confluence or internal website provides product portfolio context and visibility to everyone in the company.

Dragonboat closes the loop of portfolio outcome

In addition to supporting OKR alignments, Dragonboat also supports outcome tracking to close the loop of product portfolio and guide the prioritization and allocation for the next portfolio iteration. 

Summary – Dragonboat is a flexible PPM alternative to Jira Align for fast-moving companies

Increased digital processes, remote workforces and changing consumer behavior have paved the way for a new breed of product leaders. Gone are the days where product owns only “the what” and “why” of product building. They now must also collaborate on the “how,” “when,” and “who” in building robust products.

Product teams are dynamic, cross-functional and data-driven, and their tools must be too.  

While a great option for traditional companies with established and static goals and processes, enterprise PPM tools like Jira Align require a high level of process maturity, intensive implementation and a staff of Agile professionals to maintain.

Dragonboat can be implemented in minutes not months, for thousands not millions of dollars, and can be as flexible and dynamic as your team and process. 

Dragonboat supports a complete responsive portfolio workflow from idea capture and organization, followed by responsive alignment and allocation of strategic goals/ OKRs and themes, as well as product prioritization, collaborative planning to best design a portfolio roadmap for the next portfolio planning cycle. Once aligned and dependencies cleared, product features are integrated to Jira for team execution and automagic roll-up reporting and progress tracking. Dragonboat also captures the outcome of the OKR’s/ goals to influence the next integration of portfolio planning.

Responsive Product Portfolio Management is needed by every product organization, regardless of whether you have 1 team or 100 teams. Dragonboat provides a responsive PPM platform for outcome-focused, dynamic companies.

Rajesh, CPO, Nium

Sign up a free trial, book a demo, or sign up a Responsive PPM intro class with optional certification.

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