Q&A: Managing Your Work and Team like a Product

As a product leadership coach and expert, Tami Reiss brings 15+ years of experience guiding executives and teams through defining their product strategy and setting up product organizations at scale.

Tami’s philosophy is all about managing your work and team like a product since everything is a product, including yourself.

Have questions or need advice? Join Tami for a live Q&A on November 30 at 8 AM PT in the #CPOSeries to learn:
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NOVEMBER 30, 2022 @ 8 AM PT

Meet The Speaker

Tami Reiss

Product Leader Coach
Tami Reiss is a product strategy leader with almost 20 years of experience helping startups, established enterprise companies, and community profit organizations define their product strategy and set up product organizations for scale. She has worked with countless companies and organizations to set strong strategies for growth and specializes in B2B SaaS.
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