3 Reports Every Product Manager Needs to Share

product manager reports

As a product manager, you’ve incorporated stakeholder requests, prioritized your roadmap, and created a perfect product plan. The hard stuff is done and now it’s time for tracking and sharing. Whether you’re still building reports in spreadsheets or using a tool like Dragonboat to automate the process, providing visibility and real-time progress updates is an important part of every product manager’s job. 

Across the thousands of teams using the Dragonboat platform, we’ve seen three reports that high-growth, outcome-focused senior product managers consistently save and share as evergreen slide decks


Share with Customer-Facing Teams: Features Requested by Customer Report

Keep your customer-facing teams up-to-date with features that specific customers have requested, their progress, and expected delivery. This report should show customer feature requests in the rows and the expected release dates in the column. 

product manager reports requests by customer

Some benefits of this report include:

  • Keep track of customer needs while providing an overview for clarity and alignment. 
  • Inform the marketing team so they can create the collateral needed for new product and feature launches. 
  • Inform the sales team so they can accelerate existing deals and generate new pipeline. 
  • Keep customer success in the loop to build support materials and process documentation.   

Providing insights and updates in real-time keeps customer-facing teams on the same page to create the biggest impact.


Share with Engineering Teams: Features Aligned with OKRs Report

Keep your engineering team motivated by showing how the work they’re doing contributes to the greater company goals and objectives. This report should show product teams in the rows and company objectives in the columns.

product manager reports 2 features by okr example

Why is this report useful?

Showing how the work being done across teams ties to the company-level objectives helps create a portfolio-level view of how the product organization as a whole is moving the company forward. 

This is a great report that product managers can use to show for company-wide alignment to keep everyone up-to-date on the status of products. 


Share with Executives: Product Team Focus by Quarter Report

Create a high-level view of what each product team is delivering by quarter. This report should show product teams in the rows and timeframe in the columns. 

team focus by quarter product manager reports example

Why should product managers create this report?

Executives need high-level visibility across the portfolio. This report provides the necessary information for executives to understand what’s being built, by which team, and when product launches may occur.

In Dragonboat, any product manager can create various evergreen “slide decks,” updates, presentations, or reports (however you might call them) so they are always available automatically in real-time. Now, engaging and collaborating with stakeholders becomes a strategic conversation focused on outcomes and results.

Kalei White

Senior Marketing Manager and Team Rower at Dragonboat
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