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Becky Flint PLA Product Operations Festival 2022

Transforming Product Operations Effectiveness From Forming to High Performing Product Ops

So… you’ve got a product ops team. Maybe it’s just you, or maybe it’s a few people. You’ve got the buy-in from your company on the importance of your role and function. You’ve initiated the start of some transformational changes for your org.

But now what? What’s next for the team?

Dragonboat CEO Becky Flint joined the stage at PLA’s Product Ops Festival on September 28th to share learnings and tips for taking product ops from forming to high performing based on her 20+ years of experience as a product professional and career building with world-class leaders and product operations teams every day at Dragonboat.

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From Forming to Performing

Check out some of Becky’s previous Product Operations talks below: 

🚀 How product ops can drive portfolio outcomes:

  • Product ops must enable teams with greater consistency, vertical alignment, and cross-team collaboration.
  • When getting started with product ops, create an “MVPI”, and roll out incrementally. To make the greatest impact out the gate, focus on the PDLC, connect OKRs with initiatives, and provide stakeholder visibility.
  • The foundation of successful product ops is built on a responsive product portfolio management platform and an outcome-driven culture.

🔎 Is product ops a force for good or evil?

  • There’s good and bad in every function, not just product. Product ops helps not only product managers, but also product leaders make better decisions with a shared process and relevant data.
  • The product ops role is often misunderstood. Their mission isn’t to simply create processes but to accelerate revenue and thus, the organization’s collective success.
  • To distinguish between the good and the bad, product ops measures outcomes with the right KPIs.

Additional resources

Can’t wait until the festival to hear from Becky? Check out the resources below, or book a time to hear from one of our experts on how you can move from forming to high-performing product ops!

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Kenisha is the Marketing & Operations Coordinator at Dragonboat with a mission to empower responsive leaders and their teams to build better products faster. Prior to joining Dragonboat, Kenisha finished her undergraduate degree at UCLA in 2020, where she studied History and Cognitive Science. She was also a CSCAA All-American and Program Record-Holder on the UCLA swim team.
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