Eying a C-Suite Role? Break into Program Management

What does program management have to do with the C-suite?
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It comes down to leadership, and I would say every leadership role requires program management.

20% of my C-suite friends have a background in program management – a lesser-known skill compared to project management or product management. However, you will find that program management is more relevant than you might realize.

A CEO is probably the biggest program manager for the company because he/she has to decide on all the goals, try to achieve and decide on the initiatives, and make sure all these initiatives are done on a quarterly and annual basis. If you don’t know how to allocate resources as the CEO, your company will suffer. Activities done by Program Managers drive value and provide visibility across the board.

In that way, you’ve already learned and practiced program management. That’s how you’ve excelled in your career.

This webinar focuses on career paths– what we can do, what position we can get into, as well as the differences between project, program, and product management.

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