2023: The Year of Product Transformation from Features to Outcomes

2023: The Year of Product Transformation from Features to Outcomes

After a tumultuous end of 2022 in the midst of a wave of tech layoffs, the challenges that businesses are facing won’t slow down in 2023. Many organizations will start the new year with a reduced workforce and budget, forcing them to transform the way they work and focus on delivering the most important outcomes.

Why a Purpose-Built Platform can be a Strategic Differentiator

While working on lots of “nice to have” initiatives with a loose connection to high-level company goals is acceptable when the market is thriving, having an outcome-focused plan allocating resources in the most effective way across all the product areas will be king for product leaders in 2023. And this is where transformation from features to outcomes comes into play – how can you focus on the most important projects when there’s a lack of visibility? How can you prioritize allocation if you can’t manage resources at the portfolio level? How can you adjust if tracking and reporting is an epic task?

Embedding the right technology to ensure efficient product operations will allow you to create an “intelligent enterprise” that is able to: 

  1. Ensure that the company goals are being met
  2. Scale value creation across the organization
  3. Make sure that everyone is moving in the same direction

Melissa Perri, CEO of ProduxLabs and Author of ‘Escaping the Build Trap’, explained it well during her talk in Agile 2022: a software solution can be a strategic differentiator for companies and a core part of their company strategy:

An End-to-End System to Run your Product Operations

Dragonboat has helped 3,000+ product teams around the world operate in a more agile way. It’s an end-to-end system that runs your product operations, enabling you to create a standard planning framework, connect initiatives with OKRs, generate automated built-in reports, manage resources at the portfolio level, and more. 

OKR grouping in Dragonboat's Allocation report
OKR grouping in Dragonboat’s Allocation report

When you have an outcome-focused approach – you can monitor your outcome progress in real-time so that you may evaluate your product investment decisions effectively. Without an outcome-focused approach, teams tend to continuously improve “good enough”, while newer, more problematic areas of business may not get the focus. Knowing when to start an initiative is just as important as knowing when to stop it, so you don’t have zombie initiatives that have been going way over what they were intended for.  

If you are trying to increase capital efficiency and move to outcome-focused practice in your organization in 2023, Dragonboat can help. Book a demo today to learn more about our solutions.

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Ana Andrade

Ana is the Community Growth Manager and Rower at Dragonboat with a mission to empower responsive leaders and their teams to build better products faster.
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