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Dragonboat Named Among Top Roadmapping Tools of 2022

Dragonboat Named Among Top Roadmapping Tools of 2022

According to PMExercise, there are more than 41,000 product managers in the United States. Research done into the key challenges of the field show that nearly 50% of PM respondents define their main challenge as a lack of a consistent or well-defined process. However, a study done by UXCam, found that a “fully optimized” product manager can increase company profits by over 34%. With the known challenges of product management and the proven benefits of an outcome-driven roadmap, we are so pleased that Dragonboat has been named as one of this year’s top roadmapping tools.

The product management hub, Product-Led Alliance recently announced its ‘PLA Tools of Choice’ and named our product portfolio management platform as one of its 2022 leading roadmap tools

Roadmapping is a crucial part of product development and one of the many functionalities of Dragonboat. Every year, Product-Led Alliance publishes its ‘Tools of Choice Report’ based on product manager feedback. The report seeks to provide the best tools based on two simple deciding factors:

  1. Tool deliverability – Which tools actually deliver what they promise
  2. Investment worthiness – Which tools are worthy of consumer time and money

About the Tool

Here is what PLA had to say about Dragonboat:

“Dragonboat was cited as a fantastic platform for outcome-focused teams by the PMs we surveyed. It allows for product teams to align easier over a connected strategy, experiment, execute, prioritize, deliver and improve. The platform allows PMs to build outcome-based roadmaps using data-driven prioritization and portfolio modeling, connect initiatives to objectives (OKRs), compare roadmap scenarios to inform future iterations, and more. Dragonboat’s responsive product portfolio management platform, paired with an outcome-driven culture is the foundation upon which a successful product team is built.”

Product-Led Alliance, ‘PLA Tools of Choice’

Dragonboat was born out of necessity after founder Becky Flint tried countless tools and found that none supported the needs of an outcome-focused product organization. 

Since our inception in 2018, Dragonboat’s mission has always been to empower product teams by providing a software solution that allows them to build product roadmaps that will accelerate their portfolio outcomes. Today, hundreds of teams from startups to Fortune 500 companies like Chime, Miro, and Procore rely on Dragonboat to make sure their teams are rowing in sync. 

We are thankful to Product Led Alliance for recognizing our tool as one of its 2022 top roadmapping tools. We also want to thank our users and amazing community whose support has landed us as on this list. See the full report here.

Dragonboat is the fastest growing product portfolio platform for outcome-focused teams to strategize, prioritize, plan and deliver products that drive business results. With Dragonboat, product teams can connect OKRs, customer insights, and product initiatives in one source of truth PPM platform. 

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