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The Ultimate List of 2022 Product Management Conferences

It’s a new year, which means we have yet another 365 opportunities to learn something new and become better at what we do! Whether you’ve been to several conferences for product management in the past or are looking to get your feet wet in 2022 and don’t know where to start, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and done all the “dirty work” (aka Googling) for you! 

In this post, we’ll share our top picks for 2022 product management conferences, conferences by quarter, and notable events from other relevant areas. In addition to staying on top of product management trends, learning about other disciplines might help you better collaborate cross-functionally. 

In this exhaustive list of product management conferences, there’s at least one for every budget and skill level, online or in-person, so there’s no excuse not to attend at least one! 

Our Shortlist: 5 Best Product Management Conferences

There are so many product management conferences, you might be wondering which ones are truly worth attending? We’ll cut to the chase if you don’t want to go through the entire list. 

Here are our top 5 conferences to attend for product managers in 2022, considering factors such as reputation, whether they offer multiple dates, formats, and locations, value for money, and quality of content.

1. ProductCon by Product School (Conference Series)

Ideal Audience: Product Managers, Product Operations, Product Leaders

Location: Online and in-person 

Dates and Locations: 

ProductCon by the Product School team is the world’s largest conference for product management professionals. Previous ProductCon speakers include professionals from Netflix, Airbnb, Amazon, and more. The speakers are all product executives at their respective firms and offer up relatable lessons and insights for their fellow product leaders in the audience. Join 60,000 product managers and developers who will tune in to get the latest news, check out expert presentations, do some virtual networking, and even pick up swag from digital stalls. 

Slated to take place on four different dates in 2022, the first instance in the 2022 series will be 100% free and virtual while the rest will be hybrid events, with the online option remaining free and in-person tickets available for purchase. For those who attend virtually, ProductCon will deliver a very realistic experience of a traditional in-person conference with the virtual event platform, Hopin.

Might as well snag your free, online ticket! See you there?

Register here: https://productschool.com/productcon/ 

2. Product-Led World by Product-Led Alliance (Conference Series)

Ideal Audience: Product-led practitioners

Dates and Locations:

At each Product-Led Summit, ambitious product leaders from the most prominent brands and newcomers gather to share the best product design, development, and delivery practices as levers for business growth. Attendees of this conference by Product-Led Alliance can expect unique, thought-provoking content created and delivered by these innovative product leaders.

The most significant event on product-led growth, attendees in 2022 can expect to learn more about everything from what it means to be product-led and why you should care, to driving maximum user value with AI, to driving outcomes over outputs. Most importantly, learn how to position product as your primary growth engine to drive customer acquisition, retention, and monetization.

Visit the website: https://productledworld.com/

3. Mind the Product Conferences

Ideal Audience: Everyone

Dates and Locations:

Brought to you by the founders of ProductTank, Mind the Product is a community whose goal is to help product managers, marketers, developers, engineers, and designers build better products. They offer multiple conferences annually, publish helpful content on their blog and podcast, offer training, and much more. 

Mind the Product’s conferences are in-person only, digital-only, or a hybrid of the two. 

Visit the website: https://www.mindtheproduct.com/conferences/ 

4. Product Operations Summit by Product-Led Alliance (Conference Series)

Ideal Audience: Product operations professionals, product leaders setting up a product ops team

Location: Online

Dates: March 10th and Sept 28th

The Product Ops Summit is coming back in 2022 for a second year! As organizations innovate faster than ever and need to scale more effectively, more companies are standing up a Product Operations (POPs) function than ever. As they learn how to build and scale product ops for the first time, the community is actively engaged about the “who, what, when, why, and how” of product ops. This event helps provide the exact forum that product ops professionals need to share insights on what has worked, what hasn’t, ask other teams what they’ve done, and so on. 

A jam-packed virtual event, it is one of the most important conferences for anyone just starting their product ops journey or looking to mature their product ops practice. 

Visit the website: https://opsummit.productledalliance.com/ 

5. Women in Product Conference

Ideal Audience: Aspiring and working women in product management

Location: Online

Dates: May 10 – 11th

Women in Product is a thriving community filled with peer-to-peer support, insight, and connections for female product leaders. Women in Product is not only a public forum that emphasizes the unique challenges that women face in this profession, but it also has a robust event calendar that provides members with opportunities to learn, network, and share their expertise. The goal of these events is to not only encourage women to enter product management but also help shape companies to be more diverse and inclusive. 

This year, the Women In Product Conference anticipates bringing together more than 3,000 product leaders from across the globe. The theme will be Restore & Rediscover, where attendees will be asked to take a moment and pause to recognize their own inner strength and the many resources available to them internally and within the Women In Product community. The conference will be an opportunity for attendees to reconnect with the parts of themselves that thrive in their work and reawaken their passion for product management.

Link to website: https://www.womenpm.org/conference-details 

Product Management Conferences in 2022 by Quarter

Quarter 1 Conferences

PDMA Virtual Innovators Conference and JPIM Research Forum

Ideal Audience: Product Directors, Product Managers, and Researchers 

Location: Online

Dates: January 13–15, 2022

The PDMA Research Foundation’s Product Development and Management Association’s (PDMA) mission is to provide actionable knowledge in the new product development (NPD) discipline through academic-level research. 

Its annual conference offers more than two days of insights, training and networking. Sessions include a keynote, research paper presentations, in-depth workshops and interactive sessions to help you unpack and apply all of the great content to your business. There will be opportunities to network and mingle with speakers, attendees, and product leaders.

The topics covered during the event include the new product process, market research, teams, people & organizational issues, strategy, lifecycle management, tools & metrics, and portfolio management. 

Visit the website: https://www.pdma.org/page/conference-central 


Ideal Audience: Product Managers and Developers

Location: Online

Dates: February 7th-9th

Self-proclaimed as the “largest product management/product developer conference globally,” ProductWorld is all about getting stuff built. Attended by over 1,500 Product Managers, ProductWorld is co-located with DeveloperWeek, where 8,000 software engineers and IT managers converge each year. Attendees have the opportunity to hear success stories from top product professionals in tech from Atlassian, Google, Uber, Linkedin, Slack, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Square, and 500+ more.

The focus is on the tools, methodologies, and processes that high-performing product teams need to get the job done. For Product Managers, its dedicated, industry-specific round tables create the optimal setting for networking. It also includes a track dedicated to product teams and their various roles. After the event, product leaders can walk away with inspiration and actionable tips for effectively managing their organizations. 

Visit the website: https://productworld.co/ 

Leading the Product Digital 2022 USA

Ideal Audience: Product-Led enthusiasts

Location: Online

Date: March 9th, 2022

LTP DIGITAL 2022 USA is a cutting-edge “edutainment” one-day experience that will keep you actively engaged in the digital world. The conference organizers want attendees to learn while they laugh and play! Although it’s a virtual event, participants can still socialize with one another and actively make decisions that will ultimately affect the day’s outcome. The aim is to offer a “reimagined” conference experience, with this year’s theme being “The 7 T’s of Product-Led Transformation.” 

Why should you care about product-led transformation? According to its website, “$1.78 trillion was spent on transformation programs in 2021. Digital transformation alone does not deliver the expected return on investment. The evidence shows that Product-Led organizations yield better financial results. LTP DIGITAL USA is all about how to become one of those organizations.”

This year’s speakers will include industry leaders such as Tatyana Mamut, Pendo’s VP of New Products, and Ebony Shears, VP of Product at Forbes. 

Visit the website: https://www.leadingtheproduct.com/conference/usa/ltp2022/ 

Quarter 2 Conferences

UX & Product Management Case Study Conference by Front

Ideal Audience: Product management and product design professionals

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Dates: April 6th – 8th

Are you looking for an excuse to get out of the office? This conference will take place in beautiful Salt Lake City for two days, where attendees can learn the best ways to work with their team and grow their careers. In addition, the event offers inspiration and tools to help you shape tomorrow’s products, along with over 800 other professionals. According to the organizers, the conference attracts some of the most talented industry professionals who change the way we think about digital products and how they’re used. 

Speakers from prior editions of the conference include product leaders from Lucidchart, Bamboo HR, Patreon, and more. 

Link to website: https://www.frontutah.com/conference/ 

ProductCamp Pittsburgh

Ideal Audience: Product Management professionals and any roles related to product

Location: Pittsburgh

Date: April 2nd

While technically an unconference, this event is worth attending, especially if you’re a product professional in the Pittsburgh region, because it’s free for all involved in the product industry, no matter what their job title. Following a two-year hiatus, ProductCamp is open to innovators, marketers, designers, chief executive officers, founders, engineers, and researchers who are excited to share their best practices and insights with the local product community. 

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you’ll know that there are pre-set panels, presentations, and workshops. Not at an unconference! At an unconference like this, attendees are encouraged to actually participate. Topics are not predetermined, and the event only lives as long as the attendees continue to participate. So whether you’re prepared to lead a workshop or presentation, lead a Q&A session, or just contribute to an open discussion, all formats are welcome. One thing that will be for sure, however, is the two keynote speakers for 2022: Mike Capsambelis, Product Management Lead, Google, and ​Athena Meyers, Chief Product Officer, Niche.

If you’re looking for a spontaneous way to connect with other product professionals, this is the conference for you. 

Visit the website: https://www.pghpcamp.com/ 

The New York Product Conference by Pendo and the Product Collective

Ideal Audience: Product Managers

Location: The Times Center Manhattan, NYC

Date: April 7th

Have you ever wondered whether you’re doing this product management thing right? If so, don’t worry. You are not alone! Many product managers are still unclear on the best way to do their jobs, even after years of experience. However, emerging methods, tools, and frameworks can help you become great at what you do. That’s what the New York Product Conference by Pendo and the Product Collective is all about – helping product managers to learn the latest tricks of the trade.

Attend this 400-person, one-day conference if you can in order to gain more influence, know whether or not you’re spending time on the right things, level up your skills, and more. 

Visit the website: https://www.industryconference.com/new-york 

la product conf image

La Product Conf Madrid by Thiga

Ideal Audience: Product managers

Location: Madrid

Date: May 19th, 2022

Curious to know more about what other product professionals are working on in Spain? Since 2014, La Product Conf has had its finger on the pulse of the Spanish product community, as it publishes annual reports on the state of product management in both Spain and France. In 2022, the conference returns after taking a break due to COVID and is sure to announce a lineup of top-notch national and international speakers. 

Visit the website: https://www.laproductconf.com/madrid/lpc 

Leading the Product Digital 2022 APAC

Ideal Audience: Product-led enthusiasts

Location: Online

Date: May 18th, 2022

According to its website, this conference is a live, one-day product conference designed for the digital world that delivers a unique shared learning experience. The theme for the APAC edition isn’t set but will tie the whole event together. 

Like the US version of the event (in March) mentioned above, there are several attributes to this conference that will set it apart from others of its kind. First of all, it’s interactive. The audience takes on an active learning role and will make decisions that can change the outcome at the end. Second, the production value is a cut above the rest as it provides multi-camera footage, live switching, and live streams in high definition. Thirdly, it promises exclusive content from world-class speakers.

If you’re in the Asia Pacific region, this is a conference that you just can’t miss! 

Link to website: https://www.leadingtheproduct.com/ltp-conference-apac/ 

La Product Conference Paris

Ideal Audience: French product professionals

Location: Paris

Date: Jun 9th

Similar to La Product Conf Madrid, this conference is the premier event for the French product management community. Conference-goers can expect to unite with 825 product managers, product owners, designers, CPOs and CEOs for a full day of networking and sharing! The agenda includes 23 talks and many interesting conversations. 

Visit the website: https://www.laproductconf.com/paris/lpc 

product manager festival apac photo

Product Manager Festival APAC

Ideal Audience: Product professionals

Location: Online

Dates: TBD

A leading force in the PM community for over a decade, the Product Manager Festival is a cross-industry event, run by the community for members to learn, exchange, improve.  The Product Management Festival has both an APAC and European edition with presenters hailing from companies such as Shopify and Meta. 

Stay tuned for more information about the APAC edition in 2022!

Link to website: https://productmanagementfestival.com/ 

Quarter 3 Conferences

san francisco product management conference
Photo by Natalie Chaney on Unsplash

Chief Product Officer Summit by PLA

Ideal Audience: Chief Product Officers

Location: San Francisco, CA

Date: Sept 14th 

The Product-Led Alliance’s Chief Product Officer Summit is a conference that’s been reserved for top product management professionals in the senior management ranks. It allows attendees to hear from their counterparts in the industry, and if you’re looking for tips on how to better lead product teams, then this is the place to start. From creating cultures of innovation to balancing the needs of your company with those of your products, it’s all at the forefront of what these other top product professionals are talking about.

Link to website: https://chiefproductofficersummit.com/ 

CPO Mastery Conference

Ideal Audience: Experienced product leaders

Location: Online

Dates: TBA 

The CPO Mastery Conference by Product Faculty has a reputation for being a must-attend event for seasoned product leaders. 

The conference is a 4-hour live webinar featuring eight of the world’s top product leaders from enormous brands like Google and Walmart. You’ll hear and learn from these leading CPOs and Product Leaders, and you’ll also get exclusive insights on topics ranging from product leadership and innovation to discovery and disruption. This event is for product professionals who want to master their craft and for enthusiasts who want to stay relevant in the product world. 

Last year, the conference took place on September 9th and featured speakers such as Marty Cagan, Founder of SVPG, Heather Friedland, the CPO of Ancestry.com and Meng Chee, the Chief Product Officer at Walmart. 

Stay tuned for information on this year’s edition of the event! 

Visit the website where you can also watch previous talks on-demand: https://www.productfaculty.com/cpo-mastery  

Quarter 4 Conferences

product managament festival photo

Product Management Festival Zurich

Ideal audience: Product professionals

Location: Zurich

Dates: Nov 9 – 10th 

Product Management Festival Zurich is already preparing to be in-person in 2022 and is surely not going to disappoint! The organization’s mission is to amplify the impact of product management globally – not only the products themselves but also to help product managers be more successful and make a real difference while offering the best products on the market.

Link to website: https://productmanagementfestival.com/zurich/ 

Product Leader Summit

Best for: Chief Product Officers and VPs

Location: Online

Date: TBA

This invitation-only conference is by and for product executives. It brings together a group of 120 product leaders to connect and learn from one another through keynotes, workshop breakouts, round-table peer learning discussions, and networking opportunities.

Past top leaders who attended worked at leading-edge companies such as Facebook, Intercom, OpenTable, and Square. For anyone who nabs an invite, it’s a must-attend event.

Link to website: https://www.productleadersummit.com/

Canvas Conference

Ideal Audience: Digital product leaders

Location: Birmingham, England

Date: TBD, On-demand available now

What started out as a developer conference has turned into a top product event for UK professionals, with over 3,000 attendees and speakers from SpaceX, Netflix, Airbnb, bumble, and more. If you attend this event, you can expect to hear honest accounts of success, failure, and lessons learned along the way from your peers. The Canvas platform aims to help makers become leaders by sharing knowledge and creating connections. 

Link to website: https://canvasconference.co.uk/ 

london product management conference
Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash

The Chief Product Officer Summit by PLA

Ideal Audience: Chief Product Officers and product executives

Location: London

Date: November 26th

Like the one in San Francisco in September, the Product-Led Alliance will host another Summit for CPOs in London in November. A star-studded, intimate event, it’s ideal for Chief Product Officers based in Europe to learn from one another and trade war stories. The summit will likely have 15 speakers and 100 attendees in senior management from over 50 companies. The format consists of interactive sessions, keynotes, and discussions to support CPOs through their business journey with the tactics, methods, and strategies they need to succeed.

Don’t miss this event to get inspired as a CPO and make an impact! 

Visit the website: https://chiefproductofficersummit.com/location/london 

Bonus Events Product Professionals Should Check Out

Product managers are the core of product development teams and the focal point for integration among the disciplines that work together. A great product manager isn’t an expert in everything, but the more one understands user experience, engineering, marketing, etc, the better one’s own career, team, and product will fare. There are endless events to attend to broaden your horizon. We’ll scratch the surface below!  

Artificial Intelligence Conferences

Design Conferences

Marketing Conferences

Security Conferences

Startup Conferences

Tech Conferences

There you have it, the top product management conferences of 2022. We will keep this list updated throughout the year as new information becomes available. We highly recommend any product professional to prioritize attending at least one conference to get inspired, broaden their knowledge, make valuable connections, and so much more!

Are you going to any product management conferences this year? Is there one that you would add to this list? Let us know on Twitter!

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