Fast Forward Podcast: Product Portfolios at Scale

Cprime Fast Forward Podcast with Becky Flint

What does it take to scale from managing product to managing a portfolio? 

How do you lead product teams to not only move fast but move forward together to overcome agile madness? 

And lastly, how do you make sure goals are aligned with strategy and execution?

Dragonboat’s CEO and founder, Becky Flint, joined Cprime’s Fast Forward podcast to share practical tips on aligning, prioritizing, planning, and achieving product and portfolios at scale, with first-hand experiences and stories from the trench.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

  • Why Becky introduced product portfolio management at PayPal
  • How to avoid agile madness and team misalignment
  • The evolution of the old and new operating system
  • How to supercharge your product portfolios at scale

Timestamps are provided below.

Meet the Speaker

Becky Flint built and scaled product portfolio management at PayPal, Bigcommerce, Shutterfly, and Feedzai. She is the founder of Dragonboat, an integrated product portfolio platform that helps product teams strategize, prioritize, deliver and improve industry-leading products.

[2:53] The story behind Dragonboat

[4:14] When your organization isn’t achieving outcomes

[5:03] Agile madness in the early days at PayPal

[6:50] Planting the product portfolio management seeds

[8:31] Empowering your teams to empower your customers

[9:57] A new way of working

[12:11] The product operating system

[13:18] The evolving operating system

[13:35] Old vs. new operating paradigm

[15:08] Agile team tools

[17:01] Business vs. product goals

[20:25] Organizational misalignment

[21:28] Recognizing agile madness & OKR misalignment

[29:48] Choosing a tool with built-in best practices

[32:46] Agile vs. collaboration misunderstanding

[34:37] Showing your teams the way

[35:59] Accountability & product manager effectiveness

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