Deliver Product Roadmaps, Plan, & Communicate (@Plato Elevate)

Deliver Product Roadmaps, Plan, & Communicate

I recently hosted a discussion circle at the Plato Elevate 2020 Virtual event around how to plan, communicate, and deliver product roadmaps with limited information and resources. Spoiler alert – the secret is “taking the Responsive Portfolio approach”.

Here are the 5 key take aways:

  1. Invest in efforts to align execs on both goals and strategic themes upfront
  2. Allocate + Prioritize within goals and themes as a “low/ no fail” way to manage diverse stakeholders
  3. Enable 2-way context and accountability between business teams and tech teams
  4. Assess your product as a multi-dimensional portfolio
  5. Understand and pursuit your product S-curve
Responsive portfolio is a multidimensional portfolio
Prioritization is hard because of the competing needs from all angles.

While it’s an interactive discussion, we did go through a few slides of the deck as the conversation flowed. The full deck is here as well as a voice recording.

In many organizations there are often weak links between dynamic goals and autonomous/ agile execution – until we empower our product, program, and engineering managers to collaborate with executives, amongst each other and with cross functional teams to align, plan and deliver product roadmaps responsively, and holistically, even with limited information upfront, and resource constraints.

* * *

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