Cprime Joins Dragonboat’s New Partner Program

Cprime Joins Dragonboat’s New Partner Program

Introducing Cprime and Dragonboat’s New Partner Program

We are very excited to welcome Cprime as the first official partner of Dragonboat’s new Partner Program. Cprime is a global leader in product, agile, and cloud software services, with product agility solutions designed to help organizations build the right things to satisfy customers and impact the market.

For almost 20 years, Cprime has been a trusted strategic advisor to organizations undertaking Agile and Digital transformation. Their dynamic solutions converge to solve for enterprise agility, enterprise technology, and learning challenges, big or small. 

Cprime’s alliance with Dragonboat represents a commitment to helping teams connect work to outcomes to make the best product investment decisions that drive business value and customer delight. In fact, during the earliest stages of our relationship, we have discovered multiple mutual customers who are seeking to improve how they make product investment decisions; a clear signal of market needs.

Driving Outcome-Focused Product Journeys

Dragonboat is the clear choice for chief product officers and product operations teams that are responsible for delivering value to both customers and the company, at a time when legacy roadmapping software options perpetuate the build trap

Winning organizations choose Dragonboat to escape the build trap, and drive outcome-oriented product strategies.

Since our founding, we’ve worked with thousands of product teams to:

  • Transition to outcome-focused roadmapping
  • Solve for OKR misalignment
  • Bring calm to agile madness
  • Allocate resources to the highest-priority product initiatives
  • Effectively scale product operations 

As chief product officers gain prominence in the c-suite, they are leaning on Dragonboat to tell the story of how product is driving business outcomes with a new approach to product management.

This is where Cprime comes into play.

Cprime + Dragonboat To Accelerate Portfolio Outcomes

Dragonboat and Cprime share a common goal of improving how product organizations manage their product portfolios, not in siloed product teams, but more connected with the rest of the organization. 

“There is no better product out there that truly connects what product teams are working on with the high-priority objectives that our clients are focused on,” says Monte Montoya, VP of Partnerships at Cprime. “We chose to join the Dragonboat Partner Program to bring additional solutions to our clients’ product agility transformations.”

The combination of Cprime’s product agility solutions and Dragonboat’s product portfolio management tool will help organizations to manage their product portfolio investments in an entirely new way–focused on outcomes, not burndown rates. 

We’re thrilled for the start of this new partnership with Cprime, to empower product teams and leaders alike.

Contact us to learn more about how Dragonboat and Cprime together can help you on your outcome-focused product journey. 

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Becky Flint

Becky is a product and tech executive based in the Silicon Valley. She has built and scaled product and engineering teams globally for both startups and Fortune 500 companies. Currently Becky is the founder and CEO of Dragonboat with a mission to empower responsive leaders and their teams to build better products faster. Prior to founding dragonboat, Becky has held executive roles at Feedzai, Bigcommerce, Tinyprints/ Shutterfly, and PayPal.
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