The Product Portfolio Approach: A Solution to Operational Chaos, Misalignment, and Bottlenecks to Drive Optimal Outcomes

CPO Series: Outcome focused practice
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Power your team with Dragonboat

Discover the winning secrets to establish operational efficiency, align customer needs with company goals, and maximize business results from Perry Steinberg, CPO of Symphony Talent.

Watch this exclusive CPO Series webinar to discover and learn about:

  • Portfolio management: Why leading CPOs are using a product portfolio approach to tie long-term vision with execution for outcomes.
  • People & process: A framework to connect and align all areas of your business across revenue, customers, operations, and stakeholders. 
  • Outcome delivery: Tips for optimizing the roadmap process and making responsive adjustments based on goals, performance, and the market.

Find out how to meet your business goals while keeping your customers and team in mind!

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