Strategic Planning Must-Haves for Achievable Roadmaps and Outcomes

CPO Series: Outcome Focused Practice
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How do you connect long-term vision goals with near-term results? Strategic planning is an opportunity to align teams on the true roadmap to success, but it’s not always easy.

Through decades of experience in product management, Sarah Owen, Chief Product Officer at One Inc. is joining Dragonboat’s CPO Series for a webinar on strategic planning must-haves for achievable roadmaps and winning outcomes.

In this webinar, Sarah empowers you with her best advice on:

💥 What is strategic planning and pre-work for success
💥 Inputs to prioritization and frameworks
💥 Cultivating a responsive and agile approach to working
💥 Delivering and executing on roadmaps with confidence

This is an excellent opportunity to learn how you can improve and optimize your planning processes, so you won’t need to redo your plans quarter after quarter. Watch on-demand now!

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