Measuring Product ROI Series: Part 3

CPO Series: Outcome-Focused Practice
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Join us for Part 3 of the “Measuring Product ROI” Mini-Series, featuring Shelley Perry, Managing Director at Scalelogix Ventures.

In this session, we’ve explored the essential role of Chief Product Officers (CPOs) in optimizing Product ROI through strategic partnerships and agile leadership:

🤝 Developing strategic partnerships with key stakeholders as a critical factor in enhancing product value and market positioning.
🎯 Improving collaboration between product and financial teams to monitor investments and align product strategies with business goals.
🔄 Implementing agile leadership principles to adapt quickly and make data-driven decisions.
🛠️ Adopting a single source of truth for effective allocation decisions and maximizing product ROI.

Watch on demand now and take advantage of this opportunity to fine-tune your product strategies for maximum impact. 📈

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