Plan & Deliver Roadmaps Responsively with Dragonboat & Jira

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Product managers, program managers, and engineering managers face many feature requests and product ideas. Simultaneously, they usually can’t control the amount of resources needed or even the effort it takes to build these features. How do you plan, communicate, and deliver product roadmaps responsively with limited control?

Take a Responsive Portfolio approach, via quarterly alignment which will connect OKRs, resources, and Agile. Furthermore, follow these tips and avoid common mistakes by planning roadmaps responsively.

In this webinar, we discussed the guiding principles of Responsive Portfolio Management (Responsive PPM) that enable context and accountability on both the strategic and execution sides of building a product. You may see how Dragonboat and Jira work together seamlessly for top-down (OKR allocation and Strategic Alignment) and bottom-up automatic tracking and scenario planning for responsive portfolio planning and agile execution.

Key highlights:

  • To prioritize large amount of features, do not start with the lists (bottom-up). Instead take a top-down approach first, by using the portfolio approach to define and align OKRs and allocation. Secondly, apply the Rock, Pebble, Sand in Jars product management principle.
  • Forecast timeline – take an iterative planning approach using the top down T shirt sizing first, and roll up stories later.
  • Iteratively predict timeline, do not just review sprints, instead, apply a bottom-up from Jira progress to predict timeline.
  • Keep your stakeholders informed, do not be the hoarder of information. Provide a source of truth with a dynamic reports (no more powerpoints)

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