Monetization matters: managing your product portfolio for innovation and growth

CPO Series: Outcome focused practice
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Lydia Varmazis is the Founder of Lydia & Co., where she serves as an Interim CPO, Advisor, and previous product executive at Checkr, PayPal, and Adobe. Watch Lydia discuss her first-hand experience developing pricing strategies to deliver revenue growth and increased profitability.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to leverage a monetization strategy to drive innovation while delivering increased value to customers
  • A step-by-step understanding of the different types of pricing strategies available, when to use them, and how they fit into the product lifecycle
  • How pricing can identify future customer requirements, sales trends, and critical pain points to inform an actionable roadmap
  • Why a monetization strategy should be an ongoing, collaborative effort that aligns stakeholders and delivers measurable outcomes

This event is part of Dragonboat’s outcome-focused webinar series with leadership, strategy, and growth insights from outcome-driven product leaders and experts.

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