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CPO Series: Outcome Focused Practice
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Many teams without a well-defined product management workflow experience:

Wasted time and energy just getting up to date
Reacting to roadblocks after they occur
Getting lost and overwhelmed when things go wrong
Easily getting disconnected from the big picture

An outcome-driven product management workflow will avoid all of the above, and allow teams to focus on delivering the right thing with the most impact. Hear from Mirela Mus, the Founder & CPO of Product People for a CPO Series webinar on the strategy for outcome-focused success and results.

Mirela shares her expert advice and tips on:

✨ Supercharging product-led growth, delivery, and outcomes
✨ Creating clarity and effective, empowered cross-functional teams
✨ Best practices for outcome-driven workflows
✨ How each role in your product org can become outcome-focused

With over 12 years of experience in building and scaling customer-centric products and teams, you can expect to hear valuable insights from Mirela on driving strategic focus and delivering great products faster. Watch on-demand and supercharge your outcomes!

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