CPO Series: Leading Product Through Uncertain Times

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As the market tumbling and capital drying up, it’s never been more challenging for product leaders to navigate through uncertain times. Every Chief Product Officer feels an elevated need for making tougher decisions fasters; while the demand for delivering more with less, both in roadmaps and outcomes, higher.

In this session, Ryan Polk, Insight Partner’s SVP of Product and Tech Center of Excellence, and former Chief Product Officer of Carbon Black and CA Technologies will share how CPOs can step up to lead their team and business forward in this challenging time.

As an expert on both sides of the table, Ryan is probably one of the best persons to share his insights on leading products in challenging market.

In this session, Ryan will cover

  • Difference between a head of product vs a Chief Product Officer and when to hire which role
  • Tough conversations a Chief Product Officer needs to have.
  • How to work the problem from the organization, portfolio, and product investment perspective
  • The least mastered skill of a Chief Product Officer and how to address it (spoiler alert – implement a system)

“A great Chief Product Officer will be able to build company-wide buy-in so that everyone feels like they are a part of the decision-making process every step of the way.”

“(During uncertain times) tools with visibility into your company are so vital because it shows you what you are going to lose based on ROI and prevent uninformed decisions. This will allow you to truly become a connoisseur of team structuring so you can drive outcomes at a more effective level.”

“We invested in Dragonboat because we believe it’s solving a problem. I spent years in google sheets and docs and that’s how I know this is the best tool to help you build an effective system into the organization.”

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Ryan Polk

Operating Partner, Insight Partners

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