Accelerating Products at OMG Network – A Fast-Paced Blockchain Startup

OMG Network

At OMG Network, Dragonboat + Github creates a complete tool stack for product strategy and execution.


The challenge: lack of a product platform to accelerate products

OMG Network has both open source projects and internal projects. Engineering teams need to work on both. To keep track of the influx of community needs and product ideas, teams use Github Issues to plan and track their work.

But Github Issue is too granular and noisy for the product team and stakeholders. Product Managers need to build bigger picture roadmaps and plan for features and initiatives that are tied to strategy and objectives. 

When Connie, the Head of Product and Marketing started, she set out to build a tool stack to accelerate products, connecting agile sprints with the longer horizon (bi-monthly) product cycle.

The team had experimented with using JIRA for a while, but the lack of true product planning capability in JIRA and the engineering team’s desire to stay in GitHub means that JIRA was unable to fulfill either product or engineering team’s needs.

The solution: Dragonboat + Github = complete stack for product and engineering teams

Connie and the product team adopted Dragonboat for product prioritization and planning, and ultimately to accelerate products. With Dragonboat, PMs and tech leads can review the current product cycle, while collaborating on the next cycle.

Before the start of each new bi-monthly product cycle, the product and engineering leads hold a committee meeting. They review and align on what they have captured in Dragonboat, discuss any major gaps, and flip the Ideas from Planning to Confirmed stage signaling the start of execution.

This is an important ceremony that aligns the team on what to work on next. Feature teams are formed following the committee meeting using the “Spotify Tribe” model. Then these product ideas are pushed to and connected with the Github issues for team execution.

“Dragonboat enables a single source of truth to ensure team alignment. When you give really good people really good tools, great things happen.”

Key takeaway: source of truth platform for strategy and execution

With Dragonboat, product managers can align features with OKRs, plan with resources and dependencies in mind, create a source of truth to easily communicate roadmaps with stakeholders, and accelerate products.

The two-way integration between Dragonboat and Github allows big-picture product planning and visibility in Dragonboat while keeping Engineering teams’ current workflow unchanged.

At OMG Network, Dragonboat is the source of truth platform connecting strategy and execution to best achieve their product goals and business OKRs.

OMG Network is a blockchain startup with offices in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Poland. Formerly known as OmiseGO, the OMG Network is the value transfer layer for ERC20s. ERC20 projects on the OMG Network run faster and cheaper without compromising the security of Ethereum.

After an ICO and a few years of product development, OMG Network is ready to build a product infrastructure that enables its next phase of development. They brought on Connie, a veteran product leader, to lead their product and marketing team.

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