The CPO Series

30-minute sessions with audience Q&A

This summer from June through August, Chief Product Officers from market-leading companies like Pendo and Procore shared their unique insights and experiences on all aspects of CPO craft, from leading product org, to working with the board, and growing product careers.


If you are new to the CPO role, a CPO in a new company, a CEO looking to hire a CPO, or a product ops need to work with CPO – this series is for you. 

Featured Speakers

Ask Me Anything

As a product leadership expert, Perri has advised hundreds of Chief Product Officers on how to take a seat at the table and develop best-in-class product processes and strategies. She'll share her insights on the key responsibilities of a CPO, how to land and keep the job, pitfalls to avoid for newbies, and so much more!

Melissa Perri
CEO, ProduxLabs

Aligning Around the Right Success Metrics — What High-Performing CPOs Need to Know

Every time you move up a rung of the product career ladder, your circle of influence widens — and so does your level of accountability for business outcomes. In this session, Lydia will share her mantra for elite CPOs and how to take a proactive focus, and reduce stress, by leveraging metrics to gain your team's trust and create alignment with your critical stakeholders.

Lydia Varmazis
Interim CPO, Former CPO, Checkr

Leading the Transformation From Projects to Outcomes

How can you get delivery teams to scale efficiently and build the right culture? In his talk, Dext CPO, Spiros Theodossiou, shares why and how to set up internal value streams that lead to the best teams and customer outcomes.

Spiros Theodossiou
CPO, Dext

Scaling Product in a Scaling Business

Stay tuned for more info.

Trisha Price
CPO, Pendo

Advice for the First-Time CPO

A seasoned CPO, having held the position at Roofstock and now, M1 Finance, Ketan will offer up his advice to any newbie to the role: What to expect, mistakes to avoid, and how to set yourself up for success in your first 90 days.

Ketan Babaria
CPO, M1 Finance, ex-CPO, Roofstock

Portfolio Management for Strategic Decision Making and Maximizing Outcomes

International DJ turned mulit-time product exec, Jenkins will take your questions and share how product portfolio management is an essential skill for strategically-minded CPOs to make decisions that will maximize business outcomes (both in the short and long-term) and how to get buy-in company-wide.

Wyatt Jenkins
CPO, Procore, exVP -Patreon, Shutterstock

How to Consistently Deliver Exceptional Results

Aniket has delivered best-in-class products from inception to launch, impacting tens of millions while scaling business impact in multiples. From his experiences leading product and building teams at SmartAsset and Amazon, he’ll share 4 proven ingredients you need in order to guide your teams to consistently drive outcomes.

Aniket Gune
CPO, SmartAsset

Lessons Learned From Scaling Product at Udemy

A CPO who’s been in the trenches, prior to joining Shopify, Archie built product at Udemy from the ground up. Starting as the 10th employee, he led product management, product design, analytics, user research and growth. In this Q&A session, he’ll share his hard-earned lessons taking Udemy from zero revenue to hundreds of millions with over 600 employees.

Archie Abrams
VP Product, Shopify, ex-Udemy CPO

Show How Your Sausage is Made

Stay tuned for more info.

Avin Arumugam
Former CPO, One Inc

Working with Your Board - 5 Tips from a CPO Turned Board Director

What's the key to great board meetings? The kind that help you in growth and don’t feel like a check the box? Board Director and former CPO of NTT, Shelley Perry will share the 5 most common mistakes a CPO makes when interacting with board directors and how to avoid them.

Shelley Perry
Former CPO, NTT, Managing Director, Scalelogix Ventures

How to Build Your Product Org Structure

Stay tuned for more info.

Cory Gaines
CPO, Blackhawk Network

Leading Product Through Uncertain Times

With the market tumbling and margins getting tighter, making the right investment decisions and shipping products effectively is more critical than ever. Ryan will share how CPOs can step up to drive their team and business forward tapping into his experience as product leader as well as advisor/ investor to hundreds of Insight-funded companies.

Ryan Polk
Former CPO, Carbon Black, CA Technologies

dragonboat - responsive portfolio platform for outcome driven product teams

World’s best CPO’s rely on Dragonboat – the product roadmapping and portfolio management platform – to lead outcome focused teams. 


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