The CPO's Secret Weapon: Product Ops

Product ops was developed to enable an effective, outcome-focused product organization. Think of them as the chief enabler of the product organization.

So what is the roadmap to success for product ops? How can you work cross-functionally to identify the optimal allocation of resources to deliver? What’s the best way to track progress in real-time to ensure you’re on track?

Join Denise Tilles, CPO at Grocket on December 7 at 9 AM PT in the #CPOSeries to learn all about product ops:

Save your seat

DECEMBER 7, 2022 @ 9 AM PT

Meet The Speaker

Denise Tilles

CPO at Grocket
Denise is currently Chief Product Officer at Grocket and former VP Product at Produx Labs, Cision, Understood, and Conde Nast. She collaborates with high-growth orgs to uplevel their products and practices to deliver stronger customer value and business outcomes. Denise has helped orgs like Sam’s Club establish product operations capabilities and teams. Learn more at denisetilles.com
dragonboat - responsive portfolio platform for outcome driven product teams

The world’s best CPOs rely on Dragonboat – the product roadmapping and portfolio management platform – to lead outcome-focused teams.

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