The Outcome
Focused Podcast

Where business leaders discuss strategies
to accelerate product portfolio outcomes.

Featuring outcome driven leaders from all over the globe


We’re talking product leadership, strategy, and so much more. Take a listen!

Episode 5

Scaling product in a scaling business

Trisha Price, CPO at Pendo
Episode 4

Why portfolio management for strategic decision making and outcomes?

Wyatt Jenkins, SVP Product at Procore
Episode 3

Leading product through uncertain times

Ryan Polk, Operating Partner at Insight Partners
Episode 2

How to work with your board

Shelley Perry, Operating Partner at Scalelogix Ventures
Episode 1

How to grow as a CPO

Melissa Perri, Product Management Leader and Educator

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About The Outcome
Focused Podcast

Dragonboat is committed to helping companies transform how they operate to become more outcome focused. Listen and learn from a community of passionate product professionals and discover all things product, portfolio, people and process to make better business decisions and accelerate your outcomes.

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