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Drive Business Forward with Dragonboat

World class Chief Product Officers (CPOs) and their teams rely on Dragonboat’s product operating system to make effective product and portfolio decisions and deliver both roadmaps and outcomes with confidence.

"When you have multiple teams to manage, you need to change your processes and elevate your thinking. You don’t want to be in the details of what everybody’s doing. You have to start thinking about them like a portfolio. And that’s where Dragonboat is really useful as you start to wear your portfolio hat."
Wyatt Jenkins
SVP Product at Procore

An Outcome Focused Product Portfolio Platform for Chief Product Officers

Dragonboat is purpose built to run effective product organizations.

Drive Business Value

product executive reports

Connect All Levels

product executive reports

Create a cohesive framework that connects vision and goals with initiatives and features.

Define strategic drivers to guide best practices and decision making by teams.

Prioritize Strategically

Prioritize with data - RICE, ROI, MOAR

Overlay prioritization within the context of business goals, customer needs and product strategies.

Apply RICE, MoAR or customized prioritization frameworks. 

Prioritize with data - RICE, ROI, MOAR
portfolio allocation for quarterly plan

Allocate in Real Time

portfolio allocation for quarterly plan

Plan roadmaps and assess allocation in real-time across product portfolio dimensions and levels.

Perform trade off analysis and what-if scenarios accounting for benefits, resources, and dependencies.

Update Automagically

automagic tracking and progress visibility

View and share roadmap progress roll-ups at any & all levels by any dimension, in real-time.

Predict risks and receive alerts via a 2 way sync with Jira, Azure DevOps, Asana, Clubhouse, and Github.

automagic tracking and progress visibility



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