Lead outcome focused product organizations with confidence

dragonboat helps Chief Product Officers ("CPO") communicate a strategic framework across the portfolio for product teams to plan, prioritize and build with context and cohesion.
So the product organization can maximize results while enabling clarity across the entire company.

A modern Product Portfolio Tool for CPOs

dragonboat is purpose built for outcome focused product organizations.

Uniquely designed to handle the complexity of building product

Built upon the Responsive Product Portfolio Management (Responsive PPM) framework

Stakeholder updates Exec Summary

Strategize portfolio at all levels

Iteratively connect Mission/ Vision, Strategic Intent/ Bets/ Big rocks, with Initiatives and features. 

Slice and dice and group each level of the product portfolio in any dimension. 

Prioritize towards strategic drivers

Connect business goals, customer needs and product strategies in their own dimension.

Overlay dimensions to prioritize and allocate effectively.

Prioritize with data - RICE, ROI, MOAR
portfolio allocation for quarterly plan

Assess Allocation Real Time

Gain real-time view on planned vs. target allocation by any strategic driver.

Adjust priority and allocation based on outcomes. 

Unlock Insight on Progress and Risks

Automated real-time progress visibility rolled up in any portfolio dimension. 

Predictive schedules with smart alerts. 

2 way sync with Jira, Github, Clubhouse and Asana. 

automagic tracking and progress visibility

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