Quarterly Planning Template

Quarterly product planning is critical in aligning goals and roadmaps. But the process can be cumbersome.
How to plan quarterly roadmap effectively? Try this well-tested quarterly roadmap planning template.

How should a product team run quarterly roadmap planning in an agile environment? What are the common challenges and how to address them?

Why do you need a quarterly plan template

Quarterly planning is an essential operating cadence in every agile product organization.
A well defined quarterly roadmap need to assess many factors.
Multiple OKRs, competing requests, various product team priorities, limited resources and frequent dependencies. .
A well-built template accounts for these moving pieces, enabling you to make better product decisions.

Want an easier quarterly planning?

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Spreadsheet for now?
Download Quarterly Planning Template

Build data-driven and stakeholder aligned quarterly plans with this 3-tab spreadsheet. It captures stakeholder inputs, OKRs, enables RICE or MoAR prioritization, and displays pivot table and allocation chart on tab 3.