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Ippon is a consulting firm built up by more than 500 tech enthusiasts, guided by a collective energy and strong taste for challenge. They support more than 100 customers per year with their transformation and innovation challenges.

At Ippon, they are convinced technology is a source of progress for both organizations and society as a whole. They maintain a positive culture of humanism, generosity, and benevolence. Ippon is a company driven by team spirit, building up one’s self, and a winning culture. These values enable them to meet any challenge within digital transformation and co-construction with customers.

Ippon is a strategic performance partner to organizations. Our goal is to guide the transformation continuously in large part to the role of our collaborators: technology experts and strategic consultants.

Ippon’s Services & Solutions

Scalable Architecture

A collaborative and pragmatic approach to building, transforming, or modernizing the IT system.

Product Strategy

Build the right product and accelerate your time to market. Improving and controlling your time-to-market requires a coherent product strategy, the optimization of your processes, and the implementation of appropriate tools.

High Quality Software

Set up a development strategy or a specific support that guarantees a high level of quality in software development.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud services provide an environment for innovation that can adapt to the business plan of startups all the way up to enterprise accounts.

Data Platform

The Data Practice specializes in building modern data platforms in the cloud. They focus the approach on use cases and implement the best solutions on the market to deliver the most business value as quickly as possible.

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Cprime was formed in 2003 by a group of technology leaders in San Francisco. Since then, they have grown to become the only global strategic consulting firm that blends agile, product, and technology solutions to achieve enterprise agility.

As the partner of choice for Fortune 100 companies, their mission is to enable their clients to turn ideas into action faster and transform businesses with consulting, training, development, and custom solutions that deliver lifetime value.

With their key partnerships like Atlassian Platinum, AWS Advanced, GitLab, SAFe Gold SPCT, and more, our industry-leading software and services work in synergy to deliver transformations.

“There is no better product out there that truly connects what product teams are working on with the high-priority objectives that our clients are focused on. We chose to join the Dragonboat Partner Program to bring additional solutions to our clients’ product agility transformations.”

Monte Montoya, VP of Partnerships at Cprime

Cprime’s Services & Solutions

Enterprise Agility

Need to respond to change faster? To do more with less? To surpass your competition? Adopting a holistic approach to change and continuous improvement across the organization can achieve all that and more.

Digital Transformation

Get the right work done faster and move efficiently against your strategic roadmap, enabling progress, innovation, and successful delivery of product and services.

Product Agility

Build a product management capability internally and deliver the right thing, to the right people, at the right time.

Scaled Agility

Derive the benefits of agility by strategically scaling across teams, programs, and lines of business.

Lean Portfolio Management

Align strategy to execution to maximize value, increase efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.


Build quality, speed, and resilience in your deployment pipeline using proven DevOps tools and principles.

Agile for Hardware

Increase quality, fit for purpose, and time to market using agile principles in your hardware workflow.

Cprime + Dragonboat on Product Portfolios at Scale

Dragonboat’s CEO and founder, Becky Flint, joined Cprime’s Fast Forward podcast to share practical tips on aligning, prioritizing, planning, and achieving product and portfolios at scale, with first-hand experiences and stories from the trench.

Listen to the episode here:

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