How to Run an Elite Product Organization

Products are built by product organizations, even if there is only one product, like “Google Search.”  How do you run an Elite Product Organization that is greater than the sum of its parts?

Check out this webinar by Becky Flint, CEO of dragonboat, as she shares her insights and observations of product organizations. The webinar is moderated by Connie Kwan, Chief Story Teller at Product Maestro.

A few topics discussed in this webinar:

  1. The building blocks of an elite product organization
  2. The “prioritization before all the prioritization” framework
  3. Product Craft and PPM Craft
  4. The smooth or chunky “peanut butter product strategy”
  5. Team rhythm – Break up the teams for work or bring the work to teams
  6. The benefits and risks of OKRs for product teams
  7. How customer success and product teams work together

An elite product organization builds the right product at the right time that not only delights customers, but also delivers both near and long term business results. The results come from exceptional collaboration between product managers and other functions, i.e. between product managers themselves and with their executive stakeholders.

How do you achieve this? With these best practices and the help of a good tool. 

* * *

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dragonboat is an all-in-one strategic portfolio platform empowering high performing product organizations.

Becky Flint

Becky Flint

Becky is a product and tech executive based in the Silicon Valley. She has built and scaled product and engineering teams globally for both startups and Fortune 500 companies. Currently Becky is the founder and CEO of dragonboat with a mission to empower responsive leaders and their teams to build better product fasters. Prior to founding dragonboat, Becky has held executive roles at Feedzai, Bigcommerce, Tinyprints/ Shutterfly, and PayPal.

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